01/19/2011 07:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Patricia Watkins' Second TV Ad Focuses On Life Story, Education

Despite the establishment's best efforts, Patricia Watkins is determined not to have her mayoral candidacy fly under the radar.

There are six candidates remaining on the ballot for Chicago mayor. Watkins, an outsider with no previous electoral experience, raised over half a million dollars on her own in the last fundraising quarter. She has a base of grassroots support on the South and West Sides, and was the first candidate after Rahm Emanuel to put an ad on TV.

Still, candidate events often only invite the "four major mayoral candidates," a list that excludes Dr. Watkins and perpetual also-ran Dock Walls. And the city's major media has devoted only a perfunctory number of column-inches to her candidacy.

No matter, Patricia Watkins soldiers on. Yesterday, she released the second television ad of her campaign, a 60-second spot called "Patricia" that focuses on her life story and her plans for the city. She describes revitalizing the city's infrastructure as a mechanism for job growth and restoring the city's prestige.

"Major mayoral candidate" Carol Moseley Braun has yet to advertise on television.

Watch Dr. Watkins' new ad: