Colbert Criticizes Obama's Lavish State Dinner For Hu Jintao (VIDEO)

01/20/2011 02:54 pm 14:54:56 | Updated May 25, 2011

On Wednesday night's "Colbert Report," Stephen admitted right off the bat how upset he was that he was shooting instead of attending the State Dinner honoring Chinese President and "Colbert hair-alike" Hu Jintao. Not only was he not invited, but Colbert was baffled as to how President Obama could throw such a lavish event with Jintao's own money.

With the United States owing Jintao nearly a trillion "China bucks" (as Colbert pointed out, no one can say "Yuan"), how did Obama have the cajones to throw a black tie affair? Isn't Hu Jintao really the one footing the bill for his own party?

"This black tie dinner should have been a sweatpants pot-luck with boxed wine and a sleeve of Oreos," Colbert said.

Watch the rest of the segment below to see what the White House could have done to hide all their top-notch goods, and as a bonus: Colbert's excellent John Boehner costume.


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