01/21/2011 12:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Greta Gerwig On Sex: 'Greenberg' Star Talks Oral Sex In Movies

Greta Gerwig burst onto the film scene in 2010 -- and she's not hiding a thing.

Gerwig, who made her "mainstream" debut as Ben Stiller's much younger love interest in 'Greenberg' -- for which she is nominated for an Independent Spirit Award -- spoke with Movieline about sex scenes in movies -- including her own with Stiller, which was one of a number of scenes in Hollywood films in 2010 that showed oral sex performed on a woman.

"Yeah -- B'lue Valentine,' 'Black Swan'... ladies getting it on! They're all different movies and it's done differently; I think Greenberg's use of it is the most comedic, because there's something so funny about people hooking up for the first time and he immediately goes down on her," she said, describing the very awkward moment she had with Stiller in the film.

"I think, I hope, it's part of a larger trend of sex being portrayed frankly. But women having sex has been a problem for a really long time, especially on film. It's something people do."

She also spoke about what she thinks are subpar sex scenes, filled with unreal cliches.

"But if they show sex, in that shot it's usually a two-shot from the side and you know the moment his penis goes into her because she kind of arches back, and it looks so weird and fake," Gerwig complained. "Like, now they're having sex! And it's in so many movies I want to make a YouTube video of all these girls going "Uhh" and arching back. Sometimes they'll cut to an above shot of just her head moving on a pillow... I think it's just so funny the way it's portrayed because it's like I don't know who's having sex!"

Gerwig goes on to talk about her busy 2011, with three movies coming out, including 'No Strings Attached' and 'Arthur,' which co-stars Helen Miren and Russell Brand. She gushed about Portman, spoke about tap dancing for auditions and growing up in an avant garde play scene with screenwriter Elizabeth Merriweather.

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