'The Office' Makes And Breaks Resolutions; Michael Prepares To Be Happy Or Sad (VIDEO)

01/21/2011 12:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What do you want from pretty much any episode of 'The Office'? 1) For the staff to be put through the paces of an awkward exercise that's supposed to build their character but ultimately shames them, 2) for a small portion of the staff to break off into a vision-quest-style B plot, and 3) for Michael to indulge his insanity while being tragically lovable at the same time.

Last night's episode delivered an all counts. Pam tries to motivate the staff by having them post their New Year's resolutions (Kelly's is "get more attention by any means necessary"). Dwight, Andy and Darryl, inspired by Dwight's resolution to "meet more loose women," leave the office in search of that very thing at the local bookstore and rollerskating rink. And most importantly, with the help of Erin (to whom we'd really prefer to see our fading hero betrothed) Michael prepared either to be completely destroyed by news of Holly's engagement, or to be so elated by her break-up with A.J. that he "may just burn this whole place to the ground out of happiness."

In this clip, Pam unveils her resolutions board; Erin and Michael prepare emergency happy and sad kits to deal with the outcome of Holly's decision.


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