State Of The Union: President Obama Vs. Colin Firth In 'The King's Speech'

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Two big speeches were highlighted on Tuesday night: President Barack Obama's State of the Union address, and Colin Firth's as King George VI in 'The King's Speech.'

So, here's the context. President Obama is facing a very hostile House of Representatives, and a country that is torn on the efficacy of his presidency, though they all knew he could speak. Firth (as King George) faced a unified nation, but a country torn on the efficacy of his speech. Oh, and a swarming enemy that was invading his little island.

Both oversaw what could be considered empires at their crossroads. Here's a basic scorecard between the two.

President Obama vs. King George VI: Who had the tougher job?

Hitler ProblemBeing compared to himBeing invaded by himFirth
Crazy Old MentorJoe BidenLionel LogueObama
Military StruggleTerrorismThe Axis PowersFirth
PinsTiny American Flag (he wore it!)Sweet yet unearned military medalsObama
Rallying CryOld Russian Satellite FreedomFirth
Awful PredecessorGeorge W. BushKing Edward VIIIObama
ElitismCalled an ElitistIs an Elitist (a King!)Obama
WifeMichelle ObamaHelena Bonham CarterObama (not tougher, but more awesome)
National UnitySenators rubbing elbowsHolding each other as bombs fellFirth
Crazy ResponseMichelle BachmanBombing of LondonFirth
Outlook on AsiaWork with 'emFight 'em!Obama