01/27/2011 03:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans Try To End Mandatory Ethics Training For Accountants (VIDEO)

Freshman state Representative J. Paul Brown of Ignacio campaigned for his seat on a promise of reducing the reach of state government. As the Durango Herald reported this week, Brown failed in one of his first efforts to do just that.

The long-time rancher introduced an amendment to a bill on certified accountants that would have removed a requirement that accountants take ethics courses.

"I just feel like they should be ethical in the first place, and government is too far-reaching. We're sticking our nose where it shouldn't be," Brown said on the House floor.

When pressed later, Representative Spencer Swalm--Brown's ally on the issue--defended the amendment.

"These ethics courses are basically 'don't cheat, don't lie and don't steal,'" Swalm said.

"Why don't we have classes where we force professionals to sit down and read the Ten Commandments over and over again? That would do the job," Swalm said, noting the simplicity of accounting ethics courses.

The bill, which was a clarification on state rules on CPA's, ultimately passed. Brown's amendment failed to garner mush support, losing on a voice vote.


(Hat Tip To ColoradoPols)