01/27/2011 08:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Strip Club ATM' Bill Would Prevent Welfare Recipients From Getting Cash At Clubs

A bill currently being considered in the Colorado State House would prevent welfare recipients from withdrawing cash from ATM's located at casinos, liquor stores and strip clubs.

HB11-1058, sponsored by Democrat Dan Pabon of Denver, notes that it has always been illegal to access cash at ATM's in casinos, in-state simulcast facilities, racetracks, commercial bingo
facilities, gun stores, or liquor stores. The bill simply adds strip clubs to that list, and "requires the entity that administers the electronic benefits transfer service to develop a means to prevent recipients from accessing cash benefits at a prohibited location."

Pabon told KDVR that "there has been documented proof that money has been withdrawn from ATMs in these prohibited locations," and that the bill is simply aimed at "mak[ing] sure that taxpayer dollars are being used wisely."

Advocates for the needy like Brad Wood with the group All Families Deserve a Chance accused the bill of "presum[ing] of guilt rather than innocence," since there's no proof that money accessed at the forbidden locales is actually being used for vice.

HB11-1058 has passed the House Health and Environment Committee on a 12-1 vote.