Brian Wilson Goes On Lopez Tonight, Talks Sexual Massages In Thailand (VIDEO)

01/28/2011 12:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson made a Thursday appearance on "Lopez Tonight" with a different look. The World Series champion went on dressed in a sea captain outfit, a gray beard and a pipe.

Wilson explained the costume, saying he wanted to closely relate to a seaman. The two then got into a discussion about Wilson's trip to Thailand during the offseason, where he "engaged in some activities" that he said he was proud of.

"I did what any normal 28-year-old single male would do in a foreign country," he said. "I had a lot of massages."

George Lopez pointed out that there are plenty of massage parlors in the United States.

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves my man. They were strictly sexual," Wilson said. "I don't think that is what I meant to say. They were consensual."

Wilson also discussed how he relates to Chuck Norris, what the baseball term "dry humping" means and then played a game of "Minute To Win It."

Scroll down to watch the hilarious interview.