01/28/2011 03:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Robert Harrell Bass Jr., Former NCSU Student, Says He Made $250,000 Selling Marijuana

Former North Carolina State University student Robert Harrell Bass Jr. was charged with drug trafficking upon revealing to an Oklahoma state trooper that he had made more than $250,000 selling marijuana on campus in the past year, reports the News & Observer. The officer also discovered 26 pounds of weed in the young man's rented minivan.

On Jan. 8, Bass was stopped by the trooper while transporting $70,000 worth of pot purchased in California to Raleigh, North Carolina. Bass told the trooper that he had wired money to the marijuana growers before flying west with a friend who rented the van for him. When the official told Bass that he was facing a drug trafficking charge and set his bail at approximately $25,000, Bass replied that he had the money, in cash, back at his house in Raleigh. Bass then told the officer that he had made a quarter of a million dollars off of drug sales to NCSU students.

The trooper contacted police in Raleigh, who then searched Bass' residence and car and found $26,123.00 in cash, close to 60 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. Police confiscated these along with a desktop computer, notebooks and bank bags.

At this point, Raleigh officials are still waiting for Bass to be extradited from the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office in Sallisaw, Oklahoma, where WRAL News reports he is still being held.

NCSU spokesman Keith Nichols told the News & Observer that Bass was not enrolled at the university for the spring semester, and so the school will not be taking disciplinary action against him.

Bass' neighbors told ABC Local News that they were not surprised by how lucrative the operation was. Check out ABC's coverage below:

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