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Eric Adams, State Senator, Makes Video Showing Parents How To Spy On Their Kids (VIDEO)

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Brooklyn State Sen. Eric Adams wants parents to know how to find guns and crack pipes in their kids' backpacks and strip search their dolls for drugs.

Adams made a YouTube video explaining, in detail, the steps parents should take to spy on their kids.

When it comes to constitutional rights in the home, Adams explains, children get what their parents give them.

"You write the constitution," Adams explains in the video. "There are no first amendment rights inside your household."

He then goes on to show how even the most innocent items in a child's room can actually be hiding places for drugs and guns.

"A small-caliber weapon could be hiding inside a jewelry box," Adams says. "Run your hands over the pillows and see if you feel anything that's unusual."

From the Daily News

As ominous music plays over a mock search of a child's bedroom, Adams shows how a bag of marijuana could be stashed under the clothes of a plastic baby doll - and how a crack pipe can sit unnoticed in the zippered pocket of a backpack.

"You would be surprised how many parents are disconnected from the drug and violence culture," Adams told the Daily News. "They believe it's on TV, not in their house."

Adams said he regularly searches the room of his 15-year-old son. He also routinely inspects his child's backpack.

The former NYPD officer said parents need to find out whether their children are engaged in illegal activity, before police show up to their home and take everyone to jail.

"It would amaze you how many decent families where you have professional parents - teachers, medical professionals - and all of a sudden, we'd call and say, 'We have your son here in possession of a gun' or, 'Your daughter has been selling drugs,'" Adams said. "It's right in their house. ... They don't enter their children's rooms."