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5 Failed Social Networks Even Worse Than MySpace

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The once-king of social networks, MySpace has fallen beyond repair - or so say the hundreds of blogs calling for a mercy killing after this week's massive employee layoffs. Just three years ago, News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch pooh-poohed Facebook as it headed straight for them saying that MySpace was more than just "looking up friends."

Now, with 47% of the staff laid off, we're willing to bet Murdoch would love to be Zuckerberg's friend. MySpace is one of the greatest examples of the fickle state of Internet users. Either ingenuity persists, or you'll leave holes for your competitors to come barreling through. But at least MySpace enjoyed success in the first place. Other fledgling social sites with high aspirations and even big names to back them, have become even bigger punchlines than MySpace.

Here are five social networks even worse than MySpace:

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