02/01/2011 05:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Daisy Lowe Regrets Esquire Shoot: 'It Felt Like A Really Dirty One-Night Stand' (PHOTO)

Daisy Lowe, model and 22 year-old daughter of Pearl Lowe and Gavin Rossdale, had some pretty interesting things to say to the February issue of ASOS Magazine.

On her racy spread for Esquire UK last year: "WIth the Esquire shoot, that was me going, 'I want to look back when I'm 60 and go, "Cool! I could do that back then.'" But that was a very specific choice, and it felt like a really dirty one-night stand the next morning. We shot a video to go with it and it was like, 'What did I do? I was sober! And it was daytime! And I just took all my clothes off!' I made a choice after that to go 'clothes on.'"

On her desire to see curvier models in print: "My dream is to see a lot more female shapes in ad campaigns when I look through friend was working with Crystal Renn and said she thinks she's only got a 38-inch hip. Karl Lagerfeld said he was going to embrace her womanly shape and then he just put her face on the ad campaign [See HERE]. Girls are starting to have tits in pictures, but I think it still needs to be about the curve... Real women have hips and an arse, yet loads of models in shows seem to have neither."

On looking out for younger models: "My advice to anyone starting out would be to not take anything personally. I had to learn that. If you're an option and you so desperately want it and then you don't get it, you have to go, there were a million girls up for this and you just weren't what they were looking for, but that's OK. Don't get disheartened about that stuff."

On her modeling career: "I've learnt a lot from modeling. I'm a lot more tolerant. It's taught me to be bold and be true to myself in a massive way. All the times I've been really upset with my fashion choices were when I was letting other people rule over me. It's made me bloody resilient, too, a Trojan, strong as hell, and all the traveling has made me more of an adventurer."

Cover by Guy Aroch at Jed Root. For more, check out Asos.