02/01/2011 05:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scott Gessler Scratches Plan To Moonlight At His Old Law Firm

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has abandoned plans to work part-time at his old law firm after the firm expressed concerns over the arrangement.

Gessler told the Denver Business Journal weeks ago that he planned to work part-time at the Hackstaff Law Group (formerly Hackstaff Gessler) in order to supplement the $68,500 he will make as Secretary of State.

The news was received with skepticism and disapproval by many who felt the arrangement was rife with potential conflicts of interest.

Gessler told the Denver Post over the weekend that the Hachstaff Law Group had become wary of Gessler's plans to disclose his clients.

On Tuesday, Gessler said in a statement that he was backing off of plans to work with the firm while in office.

"My former law firm has expressed great discomfort with this arrangement. Indeed, I cannot in good conscience expect anyone to subject themselves to public scrutiny, merely because I am doing some legal work for them." he said.

In the weeks since the Business Journal reported Gessler's plans, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton and Colorado Economic Development Director Dwayne Romero also announced plans to work at private companies while serving the state.