100 High School Seniors' Test Scores Lost

02/02/2011 11:25 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In a dreaded scenario come true, ACT lost the test scores of 100 Oakland high school seniors --putting their chance of starting college in the fall at risk.

According to ABC Local News, the standardized test scores -- required by most colleges if SAT scores are not submitted -- were lost in the mail. When ACT informed affected students of the mishap the organization said they'd waive the fee for the February test dates, but with some admissions decisions due in by March, it may be too late for applicants to be considered by some schools.

"UC Santa Barbara said they are not going to take any scores from Feb. 12 and the others said 'We'll think about it,'" senior Jackie Lin told ABC.

A spokesperson for ACT told ABC that the affected students have been "urged to contact the college(s) and inform them of the situation. The students may provide the college a copy of the letter they received from ACT regarding the need for the retest." The spokesperson added that colleges are usually flexible when such mistakes occur.

This is not the first time ACT scores have been misplaced -- in August, a handful of students didn't receive their marks for months due to postal blunders.

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