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'Cocaine's Son': New York Times' Dave Itzkoff's Memoir (PHOTOS)

  First Posted: 02/02/11 11:22 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:30 PM ET

In "Cocaine's Son," New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff chronicles his coming of age in the disjointed shadow of his father's double life--struggling to reconcile his love for the garrulous protector and provider, and his loathing for the pitiful addict. Through his adolescent and teen years Itzkoff is haunted by the spectacle of his father's drug-fueled depressions and disappearances. In college, Itzkoff plunges into his own seemingly fated bout with substance abuse. When his father finally gets clean, a long "morning after" begins for them both. And on a road trip across the country and back into memory, in search of clues and revelations, together they discover that there may be more binding them than ever separated them.

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I'm not yet one year old in this photograph, which would place it in 1976. My father is 36 and my mother is 31, and they both beam with pride as they present their first child to the camera. This picture was taken at Hillside, a residential center in Rochester, N.Y., where my father voluntarily committed himself to be treated for an addiction to cocaine.
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