02/04/2011 10:56 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Brad Feld Of Boulder-Based Foundry Group And TechStars Is Business Insider's Most Respected Venture Capitalist

Boulder-based Brad Feld was named America's most respected venture capitalist by Business Insider this week.

The influential business news website ranked the 30 most respected venture capitalists in the country using comprehensive sentiment analysis technology, an anonymous survey of venture capitalists, and surveys issued across four different social platforms.

Feld founded--along with Conressman Jared Polis and others--the seed stage investment fund TechStars in 2006, and a venture capital fund called the Foundry Group in 2007.

The Foundry Group made headlines last month by investing millions in a group of comedy websites called the Cheezburger Network.

Feld recently took part in the announcement of Startup America, a national public/private partnership aimed at mentoring, accelerating and educating technology entrepreneurs.

In April, 2010, Bloomberg's Businessweek called Boulder "America's Best Town for Startups."