02/05/2011 01:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Young Volunteers Are New Generation Of Savvy Entrepreneurs

For a growing crop of teen and college philanthropists, typical young adult behavior takes a different twist.

Harvard sophomore Julie Zauzmer celebrated her 20th birthday by working the overnight shift at a homeless shelter, reports.

When Rhode Island high schooler Kanani Kinnaman spends time at the mall, she's likely delivering jeans to benefit homeless teenagers, as featured in The Westerly Sun.

And of course, life happens on Facebook, but Crain's New York says many young adults are using it to promote programs such as Girl Up, which helps young women raise money for girls in developing nations.

The article points to the fact that young people have seen the impact of hardship, leading them to seek real purpose in life now more than ever.

"Like young people in the 1960s, teens now are coming of age during a time when serious global problems strike close to home. And they are dealing with things the previous generation didn't have to: terrorism, environmental disasters and worldwide recession."

If Kanani Kinnaman inspires you, click below to find out how you can donate jeans to teens.

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