02/06/2011 01:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan E-Trade Baby Rivalry: Online Users Banned From Referencing Star

For all her troubles right now, at least Lindsay Lohan won't be picked on by a baby this weekend.

Lohan, who is now facing grand felony theft charges for stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewelry store, will escape the scrutiny of a television baby thanks to a law suit she filed last March. She accused the online trading company E-Trade of mocking her in its famous talking baby ads, alleging that the "milkaholic named Lindsay" they referenced in the commercial was an obvious allusion to her.


They sides eventually settled out of court -- the agreement was undisclosed, and may or may not have included timeouts and spankings for the digital rugrat -- and now, RadarOnline.com reports that, as a result, internet users making their own talking baby messages are banned from using two words: Lindsay and Milkaholic.


While she may be headed back to jail and lose her big comeback role, at least she won't be mocked by a talking baby. Small victories.