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Carole White, Top Modeling Agent, Talks Breasts, Controlling Boyfriends & Money

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The Daily Mail sat down with modeling agent Carole White -- best-known for representing Naomi Campbell, although the two are no longer on speaking terms -- who had some interesting things to say about the biz ahead of the premiere of her television documentary, "The Model Agency." White explained:

"We take our duty of care ­seriously. But girls freak out, mainly because of boyfriends. You'd think these girls would have handsome boyfriends, but they don't. They date short men who are insecure and who become very controlling as they fear losing these girls who are always travelling, always meeting new ­people. That can be a nightmare."

Fascinating! She also dished on the changes over the last decade:

"I now look for girls with breasts, and that is something we wouldn't have countenanced ten years ago. Our biggest demand in the past two years has been for a D cup, but obviously you have to have a really fit body. Now, we talk to our models about nutrition, make sure they have a personal trainer. Even our language has changed. A decade ago, we would have just said: 'Don't eat!'"

Regarding age restrictions, White insists that London doesn't use girls under 16, however she couldn't say the same for New York, Milan and Paris, adding, "You will see girls cast for the big names who are 14. That will never change." And according to White, top models who walk in key shows can make $16,000 to $32,000 during the season, with a breakdown of $160 to $600 per show. Check out more on how much money a model really makes.

Read the rest at the Daily Mail.

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