Adam Sandler Talks About His Transgender Housekeeper On Letterman (VIDEO)

02/09/2011 09:51 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Tuesday night's "Late Show," Adam Sandler dished about his home life, including his funny solution to living with a house full of women (two young daughters, his wife, grandmothers and a female dog) involving a houseboy of sorts.

To inject a little more testosterone into the household, Sandler said his wife gave him a solution.

"My wife let me get a transgender housekeeper," Sandler said. "To have just one other penis in the house."

Letterman got a real kick out of Sandler hiring "Clemente" and might even have contemplated hiring someone for himself.

"I've always said that, 'Gee I wish I had another penis in the house,'" Letterman joked.


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