02/09/2011 02:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Valley Christian High School High School Students' Space Station Experiment Taking Off (WATCH)

A group of San Jose, Calif., students just got a batch of videos and photos they're really excited about. But it's not the typical teenage text message exchange.

The team of advanced math and science students from Valley Christian High School just welcomed video and photo documentation that their experiment has begun aboard the International Space Station, ABC reports.

They're trying to determine whether plant-based food that could sustain astronauts on their voyages will germinate inside closed growing cubes on board the station. The plan is for the cubes to be put in a Russian Soyuz rocket in mid-March for a return voyage to Earth.

Faculty advisor Dan Saldana says he's impressed by the students' work.

"When they put [the circuit boards] all together, they didn't have one error. And that to me was incredible. I've never seen that done before."