02/11/2011 11:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

XZ, Group Of Mini-Skirted Russian Women, Clean Up St. Petersburg To Improve Tourism (VIDEO)

A group of seven scantily-clad Russian women took to a square in St. Petersburg to clean up the mess of snow and ice that they claim is hampering tourism, according to the Associated Press.

The women are affiliated with XZ, a local group that uses good-looking women to highlight social problems within the Russian city. The group took matters into their own hands and started shoveling snow while criticizing the city's inability to remove the snow themselves.

A spokeswoman named Eva Tornado told reporters that tourism experts claim foreign visitors avoid St. Petersburg in the winter due to the city's inability to handle the amount of snow they received this winter.

"We have experienced this snow since last November," Tornado said. "So we decided to come out on our own. Maybe it will serve as an example to some males and they may come to help and make our city cleaner...We'd like more foreign men to come to the city!"

the efforts below: