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'Portlandia': Kyle MacLachlan Jams, Aubrey Plaza House Sits & Kumail Nanjiani Manipulates (VIDEO)

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Once again, 'Portlandia' proves to be one of the most playful and engaging new shows on TV, with another strong episode complete with iconic characters, fun cameos, and sharp pacing.

Kyle MacLachlan returns as the mayor of Portland, who has recently gone missing. Fred and Carrie set out to find him by having a wireless store triangulate his location; but not before the store clerk, played with slightly sinister deadpan charm by comedian Kumail Nanjiani, upsells them to the most complicated cell phone plan of all time.

The storyline is punctuated by the usual one-off sketches, including the one below starring Aubrey Plaza as a would-be house sitter for an incredibly fastidious couple who probably shouldn't have considered leaving their home in the first place.


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