Richard Marsh Hockey Shot: Incredible Goal For Charity Gets Disqualified (VIDEO)

02/15/2011 04:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Since this story was first posted, it has been clarified that a third-party insurance company, not event sponsor Allstate, made the decision regarding the prize money. The article has been updated to reflect those changes.


A hockey shot contest might be skating on thin ice with fans -- of both the game and charity.

At a U.S. Hockey League game Saturday in Indianapolis, a fan was challenged to make a difficult hockey goal. But after Richard Marsh made the seemingly impossible shot, he found out he was disqualified from the $50,000 reward, reports.

Marsh shot a puck into a six-inch goal from nearly 200 feet away. But a third-party insurance company decided not to count the goal.

A press release from the Indiana Ice Hockey Team released today states that the decision to not dole out the prize money came from the third-party insurance who pays prize money based on whether contestants make hockey shots within specific guidelines. The contestant was disqualified because he made the shot from outside a designated area.

However, Indiana Ice decided to honor its charity promise.

"Despite the third-party call made on the qualification of the shot, which voided the contest pay-out, the Indiana Ice will be making a monetary donation to the St. Vincent Cardiovascular Services and the American Heart Association on behalf of the contestant," said Paul Skjodt, President/CEO, Indiana Ice. "We are doing this because it was a close call and a generous gesture by a loyal fan."