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Kristine Casey, Chicago Woman, Gives Birth To Own Grandson

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Kristine Casey became the oldest woman in the history of Chicago to give birth last week, and the fact that she gave birth to her own grandson made it even more special.

Casey, 61, served as a surrogate mother for her daughter, Sara Connell, 35, according to the Chicago Tribune. Connell had apparently been trying to have a child for years.

So how did a post-menopausal 61-year-old woman give birth?

Hormone supplementation had a lot to do with it, according to ABC News. Casey became pregnant during her second round of in-vitro fertilization.

The grandmother had not given birth in 30 years, but carried her grandson, Finnean, for a full term and gave birth by Caesarian section last week at Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago, according to ABC News.

As weird as the whole experience may seem, Connell and the family were overwhelmed with joy.

From the Tribune:

When the baby let out a cry, "I lost it," said Sara Connell, the first family member to hold him. "It's such a miracle."

The doctor who delivered Finnean said there wasn't a dry eye in the crowded operating room.

"The surgery itself was uncomplicated, and the emotional context of this delivery was so profound," said Dr. Susan Gerber, obstetrician and maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.