02/16/2011 09:16 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Brooklyn DIY Classes for the Coming Apocalypse

A great cataclysm has come and gone. The reign of civilization has ended. Netflix no longer delivers. You frantically search for an Apocalypse App but find there is no service... What do you actually know what to do to stay alive? Not much, right? --You should fix that.

1. Rooftop Beekeeping 101
Assuming the apocalypse is not totally radioactive (and destroyed all plant life on earth), someone's gonna have to help the little bees with all their deliciously sweet honey. Who knows, maybe honey will be the new currency, and you'll be a millionaire...

2. Composting Class
Like roaches, worms will continue to flail wildly across the earth even after the dirt has turned to ash and plant-life has been decimated (crosses fingers). Fortunately for you folks who still plan on composting, worms are almost all you need to keep on breaking down those leftovers in the comfort of your own little urban stockade.

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