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The Most Controversial Video Game Characters (PICTURES)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 02/16/11 11:58 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:25 PM ET

A multi-billion dollar industry and a beloved pastime for millions around the world, video games have also been the source of bitter controversies over the years.

When so many games enjoy large audiences of both children and adults, questions are bound to arise over sexuality, violence and dark themes present in some games. Even games marketed strictly for adults can come under fire for gratuitous sexuality, violence and political insensitivity.

Take a look through our slideshow of the most controversial video game characters of all time, and share your opinions in the comments. Do you think these fictional characters are truly offensive, or have the allegations against them been exaggerated? Email us at to suggest any characters you feel should have made the list. Then, check out our slideshow of the most controversial video games.

Lee Harvey Oswald, "JFK: Reloaded" (2004)
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The creators of JFK: Reloaded claim that they intended the game to be a reexamination of the forensic facts from President John F. Kennedy's murder case. One of the game's most contentious sequences is a first-person shooter simulation that places the player in the shoes of Lee Harvey Oswald, who is believed to have assassinated Kennedy. The player can take aim and fire at Kennedy's motorcade as it passes and can even deliver a kill shot. A spokesman for Senator Edward Kennedy, the late president's brother, called the game "despicable," according to PCWorld.
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