02/16/2011 02:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jihan Sanders Quits Job, Moves To Care For Best Friend Sheena Sullen's Kids (LISTEN)

When Navy operations specialist Sheena Sullen got deployed overseas, she had a big ask for her best friend. She called Jihan Sanders with the hopes that she could quit her job, move and become a temporary mom to her two daughters.

Sanders decided to help her best friend out. She and her two kids moved from Alabama to Sheehan's hometown of Norfolk, Va. last year.

The two had been friends for 15 years and Sanders says it was an answer to the troubles she had been having in her own life recently.

"Sheena has always been there for me. I couldn't turn my back on her in her time of need."

The two had originally planned to enlist together, but as time went on, Sullen went at it alone. Her dedication to the Navy has deeply inspired Sanders. She has already started working out and plans to enlist herself when Sullen gets home.