Lindsay Lohan: 'Escaping The Game' To Be First Post-Rehab Movie?

02/21/2011 02:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan may have landed her newest comeback role.

RadarOnline reports that Lohan, recently out of rehab and now in legal trouble for allegedly stealing a necklace -- is lined up to star in "Escaping The Game". Lohan would play -- perhaps ironically -- a journalist out to find celebrities that have escaped to a distant island in order to get out of the paparazzi limelight.

The film's producer, Nathan Folks, says Lindsay is a good friend and is all for doing the project -- so long as she doesn't go to jail, which he's confident she won't -- and has agreed to be monitored 24/7 so that the film can get insured.

This isn't the first time Lohan has been rumored for what would be a comeback role. She's supposedly set to star in a thinly veiled version of her story called "One Night With You," though rumor has it that her legal trouble could see her cut from the cast.

Lohan was already cut from the starring role in "Inferno," the Linda Lovelace biopic.

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