Sarah Palin's Secret Facebook Profile?

02/22/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin's secret Facebook profile seems to have been unearthered.

The folks at the Wonkette seem to have uncovered a "hidden" Facebook profile based off of a private Gmail address for Palin that came to light from the leaked memoir of one of Palin's former aides.

After plugging in the address to Facebook, a page for "Lou Sarah" comes up (her middle name is Louise). It's full of goodies like encouragement for her daughter, and "likes" for the official Sarah Palin account.

So where are "Lou's" friends from? One is located in New Mexico, one in Idaho, three in Alaska, two in Washington state, and five friends do not publicly list a location.

UPDATE: Palin's official Facebook account has posted a note that partly addresses "fake Facebook and Twitter accounts," however, does not directly address the Lou Sarah account.

Check out some screenshots of the "secret" profile below.

Screenshot Of The Profile:

"Lou Sarah's" Friends:

Close-Up Of The Wall: