02/22/2011 08:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Traveling With Tolkien: 6 Real-Life Fictional Landscapes (PHOTOS)

Filming of The Hobbit is set to start in March and the ratcheting-up anticipation is unleashing a new wave of Tolkienmania.

If you read the books, you already have an elaborate inner vision of Tolkien's alternate universe, thanks to his meticulous descriptions and vivid language. The film's director, Peter Jackson, dug deep into the text and brought it to life on film--with such success that Lord of the Rings nerds have been making pilgrimages to the movie locations in New Zealand ever since, just to commune with the spirit of his epic adventurers (if you don't believe it, check out Huffington Post Travel's ode to all things LOTR in New Zealand here).

It helps that places like the Milford Sound and Mount Ngauruhoe also happen to be some of the planet's most spectacularly beautiful, unspoiled landscapes.

But what about the real-world, English village scenes that inspired Tolkien? Our friends over at Trazzler put together a list of six places where Tolkien lovers can feel the books come to life in the real world.

Think Trazzler left one out? Have you ever traveled to a literary or cinematic location? Send us your thoughts.