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Sarah Palin Heading To India In March

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be adding another stamp to her passport in March, when she takes a trip to India to participate in an annual seminar series on global leadership.

Palin aide Rebecca Mansour tweeted out the news Wednesday, providing a link to the India Today Conclave event, at which the potential 2012 Republican candidate is slated to deliver the closing keynote address entitled "My Vision of America."

During her vice presidential campaign, Palin took some criticism for her lack of experience abroad -- her spokesperson at the time announced that she'd only been to Ireland and Kuwait, as well as Canada.

Since her loss in the 2008 election, Palin has traveled to Hong Kong, where she delivered a speech at an investor's forum, and Haiti, where she took part in a humanitarian tour. The former governor also has plans to meet former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in England, as well as to visit Israel over the next year.

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