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As spring and summer are just around the corner -- yes, believe it! -- it's time to plan for the most quintessentially American of all travel vacations -- a road trip. With so many beautiful places to visit across the country, it's hard to narrow down the choices, so we did some of that thinking for you. Here are a few of the most beautiful roads to drive in America. Whether you like mountains, oceans, or the places in-between, there is something for you. And if we missed something -- add your own tips! Happy driving.

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Going to the Sun Road, Montana
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With a name like "Going to the Sun Road," expectations can't be higher -- but any road-tripper who ventures on this drive in Montana's awe-inspiring Glacier National Park won't be disappointed. Completed in 1932, and cutting through the Continental Divide, this is the only pass through the majestic park. Spanning 53 miles, you might recognize it from the iconic opening credits of The Shining.
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