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The Most Overlooked Historic Sites In The World (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 02/25/11 09:15 AM ET   Updated: 09/20/11 12:00 PM ET

When it comes to historic sites, there's always been a staple list of stunning wonders. From Pisa's leaning tower to The Acropolis of Athens, tourists make a beeline for these giants of the sightseeing world.

Yet, what of the sites that live near them? After all, in many instances, the sheer celebrity of these attractions is so great that it overshadows everything nearby.

Our fellow historians at the travel website decided to take a look at a number of historical sites that are eclipsed by these icons of tourism.

This selection shines a light on ruins, buildings and museums that, were they located anywhere else, would surely stand out from the crowd.

What other sites are overlooked that shouldn't be? Send in your picks and start the debate!

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In the Shadow of the Taj Mahal: Agra Fort
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A UNESCO-listed site, the Agra Fort was a vast sandstone fortification which evolved into an impressive city complete with everything from mosques to palaces. However, while Emperor Akbar was responsible for one of India's most outstanding creations, he would be outshone by his grandson, Emperor Shah Jahan. For, it was also in Agra that Shah Jahan chose to build a mausoleum for his wife, the magnificent exercise in grandeur and symmetry known as the Taj Mahal.
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