Sherin Guirguis' Geometric Paint Splatters On Beautiful/Decay | Studio Visit (PHOTOS)

02/28/2011 06:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(Via Beautiful/Decay)
I first met Sherin Guirguis at USC while giving a talk about B/D. Sherin teaches in the design department so I assumed that she was primarily a graphic designer. Over the years we've run into each other here and there but never really visited each others studio. A few months back Sherin stopped by my studio to check out some work. When I went to return the favor I didn't find stacks of design work but a studio full of both paintings and sculpture that were at once precise and technical while organic and fluid. Here are some shots from the studio visit.

Sherin Guirgus on Beautiful/Decay

Read the full studio visit with more images at Beautiful/Decay.

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