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Drunk Ohio Priest Ignatius Kury Propositions Cops While Handcuffed In Cell (VIDEO)

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Ouch, we don't want to be Father Ignatius Kury on Sunday morning.

The inebriated priest was picked up by Ohio cops after wrecking his car while driving under the influence; his level of intoxication measured at three times the legal limit.

After bringing the disoriented priest to the station, the officers handcuffed him in a holding cell. At that point, Kury took the opportunity to demand to be released and offered the police a few, well, "favors" in return for being let go. When that failed, he moved on to threatening them with a visit from Oprah Winfrey, and finally, realizing you catch more flies with honey, regaled his captors with a mangled rendition of the "Star Spangled banner."

File this one under, "Did that really just happen?"


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