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Tokyo Sky Tree: The World's Tallest Broadcast Tower And 'Little Brother' (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 03/03/11 03:53 PM ET   Updated: 01/06/12 05:05 PM ET

Located just east of Tokyo's Asakusa district, the Tokyo Sky Tree has claimed the title of "World's tallest broadcast tower" according to the tower's owners, a consortium of broadcasters. *PHOTOS BELOW*

The Tokyo Sky Tree passed 1,971 feet, surpassing Guangzhou, China's 1,968 feet tall Canton Tower.

Even though the Tokyo Sky Tree is kicking ass and taking names over in Sumida district, the older Tokyo Tower--1,092 feet tall--is no slouch and remains a tourist attraction and visible Tokyo landmark.

I had a chance to visit the Tokyo Tower in November 2010. It is a typical tourist destination with swarms of tourists and school kids, and not to mention overpriced, but the view from the special observatory is stunning and there's nothing wrong with being the flag waving, picture snapping, fanny pack wearing tourist every now and again.

More Sky Tree information:
More Tokyo Tower information:

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  • Tokyo Sky Tree

    The Sky Tree is hard to miss from anywhere in Asakusa.

  • Tokyo Sky Tree

    View of the Tokyo Sky Tree from Asakusa.

  • Tokyo Sky Tree

    The Tokyo Sky Tree as seen from the Tokyo Tower second observation deck.

  • Tokyo Tower

    The Tokyo Sky Tree's first observatory will be at 1148 feet (350 meters) compared to 492 feet tall (150 meters) main observatory for the Tokyo Tower.

  • Tokyo Tower

  • Tokyo Tower view

    The Sky Tree's second observatory will be at a ridiculously high 1476 feet (450 meters), over 100 meters higher than the tip of the Tokyo Tower. The view from the Tokyo Tower special observatory (seen above) is still stunning.

  • Tokyo Tower

  • Tokyo Tower

    The main observatory as observed from the ground.