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03/04/2011 06:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Did Marisol Valles Garcia Flee Mexican Border Town After Becoming Police Chief?

Marisol Valles Garcia may have fled the crime-ridden Mexican border town of Praxedis.

A report by the AFP says one of her relatives stated that the 20-year-old single mother turned police chief has fled to the U.S. seeking asylum. Apparently Garcia had received numerous death threats from a criminal group.

The group had been trying to recruit her to work for them.

However, the reports are not being confirmed by town officials. According to CBS, Town secretary Andres Morales told the El Paso Times that Garcia had not actually fled, but was taking time off to tend to her child.

It's unclear which story is true, but, according to Morales, Garcia should be back at work on Monday.

Garcia took the incredibly dangerous position after the previous chief was kidnapped and beheaded in 2009. "I took the risk because I want my son to live in a different community to the one we have today. I want people to be able to go out without fear, as it was before," Valles Garcia said at her swearing-in ceremony.