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Michele Bachmann Claims To Expose Billions In 'Hidden' Funding For Health Care Law (VIDEO)

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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), one of the most fervent opponents of the health care reform overhaul passed into law last year, released a new informational video Thursday explaining her discovery of what she called an "outrageous" example of "legislative fraud."

"This is what we've discovered: When Obamacare was passed...contained in that bill was funding for Obamacare of $105 billion," Bachmann said. "Practically no member of Congress even knew that $105 billion of funding was contained."

Bachmann then leveled a harsh charge based on her characterization of the act as an intentionally duplicitous effort by Democratic leaders to pull a $100 billion hustle on unassuming members of Congress.

"This is legislative fraud that's been perpetrated by the president, Speaker Pelosi, and by Harry Reid," Bachmann continued. "It's an outrage and we demand an answer from Nancy Pelosi."

The Minnesota congresswoman then used her supposed revelation as an additional reason to push to repeal the entire bill, rather than simply defund it.

"This is done, this money will be spent unless we pull it back," Bachmann explained. "It's not enough to shut off the spigot of new money for Obamacare, we also need to drain the pool of money it already received."


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