Why Mike Huckabee Really Dissed Natalie Portman (CHART)

03/04/2011 05:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Humans are complex. We're never mad over any one thing. Usually, it's a bunch of little things that get our undies in a cinch. Such is the case with Mike Huckabee's recent tirade against Academy Award Winner, and out-of-wedlock mommy-to-be, Natalie Portman.

Sure, Huck's lips say it's all about how unmarried pregnant women are delivering this country to hell in a godless handbasket, but his eyes say that's not the whole story.

Below, we have illustrated a completely scientific breakdown of the various reasons that Mike Huckabee chose to publicly vilify Ms. Portman. As you will see, he's only 35% outraged over the pregnancy...most of his anger is fueled by a combination of other factors.