03/07/2011 03:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jersey Frat Bros Party In Glass Box At Scope Fair In 'C'mon Guy'

If you believe the art world has become too silly and immature for your tastes, then maybe you aren't wrong. For the 2011 SCOPE International Art Fair, Subports, a techy shopping company, teamed up with Texas-based artist Richie Budd to create C'mon Guy (Frat Boy Box Party). Here's how the Subports website describes it: "A centrally placed cube will contain an actual, traditional frat party where the brothers will drink from a keg and party 'Greek style."' Likewise, ARTInfo called it the "Frat-in-a-Box."

ARTInfo's got a by-the-numbers analysis of the event (ie 30 case of Natty Light, and numerous push-ups). Gothamist points out that the only items in the box are "cases of Natural Light beer, a magic marker, and a piss bucket." The real frat boys can be seen singing, drinking, dancing and yes, even discussing art, in the video below.