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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week: Celebrate In LA!

First Posted: 03/07/11 01:23 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:35 PM ET

Bust out the milk: it's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week! To celebrate, we've rounded up a list of ten local eateries that have some of the tastiest, gooiest, home-made cookies in town. Check out the different places you can go for a cookie on the go, a sit down meal, or a more creative take on the chocolate chip cookie.

Diddy Riese
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Diddy Riese
926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA

What's better than a chocolate chip cookie? Ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Indulge at Diddy Riese, a Westwood staple since 1983. You can pair your chocolate chip cookies with ice cream flavors like vanilla bean, cookie dough, rocky road, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, chocolate, espresso chip, butter pecan, strawberry cheesecake chunk, peanut butter cup, or cookies & cream.

Photo via flickr: tobo
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