03/07/2011 04:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Old Mac Daddy: A Luxury Trailer Park In South Africa

People don't usually associate the word "luxury" with trailer parks, but in the case of the Old Mac Daddy Hotel, it works. Part designer farm lodge, part old-fashioned caravan park, the adventurous lodgings in Elgin Valley, South Africa consist of a gathering of vintage Airstream Trailer Suites, each designed by an artist, designer or creative living and working in Cape Town. In addition to renovating and preserving these large, shiny pieces of metal memorabilia, the hotel uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible, conserves energy by maximizing their use of natural ventilation and daylighting and has even planted 3,500 indigenous plants on the slopes it sits on, allowing them to flourish again.

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