03/09/2011 01:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

7 Practical Classes To Take Before Graduation

College. You know, the usual: risqué Halloween costumes, strings of all-nighters, beer pong contests and stories to last for decades...oh, and the four-year process of earning a diploma. But with the current state of our nation's economy, our degrees are not as highly valued as they used to be, despite the rising prices of our annual tuition, textbooks and time. Therefore, here's a list of practical college courses to ensure that you (and your parents and your state's budget) are getting the most bang for every single buck:

Economics. It doesn't matter what degree you're pursuing, you're ultimately doing it to make money - no matter what amount. Learn the basics of banking, rules of a prisoner's dilemma, and the foundations of accounting. The concepts of supply and demand apply to everything, from hosted happy hours to using sex as collateral for...absolutely anything.

Public Speaking. You'll earn class credit to collect confidence and practice the art of efficient gesticulating. Not only will you emerge with a GPA boost, but you'll have a handful of strategies helpful for articulating your speech and standing with presence. You will never be afraid of a potential presentation to everyone in the office, one that even includes your boss's boss. Honestly, knowing how to speak to people like the leasing agents at a car dealership will make a measurable difference - literally.

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