Caitlin Gorry, Passenger On 12-Hour American Flight From Barbados To New York Talks To CNN (VIDEO)

03/09/2011 09:31 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If this isn't considered a nightmare flight, then there's no telling what is.

An American Airlines flight from Barbados to New York's JFK with a flying time of roughly 4 hours took 12 hours on Sunday after multiple failed attempts to land, refueling in Boston and talk of diversions to places as far away as Pittsburgh. The flight, which took off at 2:15pm on Sunday, finally landed at 2am on Monday morning in Philadelphia.

CNN interviewed one of the passengers, Caitlin Gorry, a college student on vacation, about the flight. While she seems relatively calm talking to the CNN anchors, she describes a flight with limited food, re-fueling issues in Boston and general passenger unease.

WATCH below:

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