03/09/2011 08:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Conan's Angry Birds vs. Karadashian Sketch Had Error According To One Viewer (VIDEO)

All week Conan has been challenging his viewers to find mistakes in the show and send in videos of themselves pointing them out.

It started on Monday with a viewer calling Team Coco out on a video that was supposed to have Libya in the background but was actually San Francisco. On Tuesday, an even more eagle-eyed viewer caught a mistake within a minute of Conan issuing the challenge: a boom box that was staged to look like it was playing Kim Kardashian's new single, "Jam," was actually doing nothing of the sort.

While we have no idea how the guy was able to pick up on this, the more important thing is that it provided Conan yet another opportunity to make a crack about the Kardashian song. And that is music to our ears.