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Friday Night Stand Up Sneak Peak: Jay Larson On Shady Payphones (VIDEO)

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Comedy Central's "Friday Night Stand Up" season is in full swing, and HuffPost Comedy has your weekly sneak peek right here. Check back every week for exclusive segments courtesy of Comedy Central's of all the latest episodes of "Comedy Central Presents" before they air.

This week, Jay Larson discusses life's most important subjects, like how ridiculously creepy payphones are today.

"Anybody using a payphone is a shady character. It's like one notch down in life. I saw a guy with one leg using a payphone, I was like 'Eh, that looks about right.'"

Watch the exclusive clip below and catch Larson's half-hour stand-up special this Friday Mar. 11 at 11:30 p.m. EST/10:00 CST on Comedy Central, right after Louis Katz.

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