03/11/2011 12:10 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Facebook Page Created To Insult Liberty Ranch High School Students, Author Unknown

CBS13 Sacramento reports that an unknown Facebook user created a Facebook page dedicated to insulting students at Liberty Ranch High School in Galt, Calif. After a two-week run, the page has mysteriously disappeared.

The "Liberty Ranch Burnpage" contained a number of derogatory and slanderous remarks made toward specific, named students at the high school. The author also seemed to delight in his machinations, posting:

"Yessssss! I love how im ruining peoples high school carreers!!!"

Brian Deis, principal at Liberty Ranch High School, told the Lodi News-Sentinel that he has spent at least 20 hours searching for the author without success. Now that the page is unavailable, he says he feels relieved.

"If indeed the page has been taken down, we are relieved that students here and at other schools will not be targeted by this person who has been so quick to attack others while cloaked in anonymity."

Although the page is currently unavailable, it is unclear whether Facebook or the user deactivated it.

Christopher McCoy, a student at Liberty Ranch High School, told the Lodi News-Sentinel that he doesn't give the "burnpage" a second thought.

"Obviously that's very messed up by the person who put the burnpage up. I haven't even considered going to look at it. It's not worth giving into the attention that person wants."

A new page called "Liberty Ranch Peace Page" has been launched. It encourages users to "spread the love."