03/14/2011 03:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

IAC Chief Barry Diller: We Should Be 'Screaming' For Net Neutrality

Barry Diller says we should be "screaming" for net neutrality.

The IAC chief stated his stance at SXSW, according to Business Insider.

"The Internet came together as a miracle, really," he said. "Anyone with a wire can publish, we need to keep it that way." He compared charging Netflix for more bandwidth use to "asking a toaster manufacturer to pay for electricity."

Net neutrality is the principle meant to prevent Internet carriers from stopping or discriminating against web traffic.

The FCC passed a net neutrality proposal in December that many denounced as insufficient protection. Senator Al Franken wrote that an early version of the proposed rules were "worse than nothing," while later commenting on the final proposal to say that "while it's no longer worse than nothing, the rule approved today is not nearly strong enough to protect consumers or preserve the free and open Internet." He has called net neutrality the "most important free speech issue of our time."

Since then, House Republicans have voted to add an amendment to the spending bill that would disallow the FCC from spending any governmental money to enforce net neutrality. Another House panel voted to overturn the regulations just last week.

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