Aaron B. Tobey, Passenger Who Stripped In Protest, Seeks Damages From TSA

03/15/2011 08:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Aaron B. Tobey, a University of Cincinnati student who stripped down in protest of the TSA's patdown technique back on December 30th, has sued the organization for $250,000, according to Wired.com.

Tobey took off his pants and shirt at the Richmond International Airport to reveal parts of the Fourth Amendment scrawled across his chest (the amendment refers to protections against unreasonable search and seizure). In his civil rights lawsuit, Tobey claims that he was handcuffed and held for roughly 90 minutes by the TSA as a result.

Tobey preferred not to go through the X-ray machines that have gotten quite a lot of flack so stripped down for the patdown; his attorney, James Knicely, told Wired.com that "He was making it easy for them and in the process he wanted to communicate his objection for doing so." (At the time, Tobey was on his way to his grandmother's funeral in Wisconsin.)

On January 10th, media outlets reported that the disorderly conduct charge against Tobey was dropped.